July 17, 2018

Seven Powerfully Simple Facebook Advertising Tips

facebook_logoIs Facebook advertising not doing much for you? Or are you sitting on the fence, happy with your AdWords campaigns? Let these simple concepts, gathered from our past two years’ experience Facebook advertising for large and small brands, tip you off that fence

  • Separate Ads By Gender: This is a must, because men and women click at markedly different rates and on different copy.
  • Break Down Ages: In most cases separating age groups by 5 years is effective. Obviously do not limit to only testing groups of 5 years apart.
  • Use keyword targeting: Doing only demographic targeting is casting too wide a net, unless you have a product with mass appeal or one that can’t be easily keyword-targeted (weight loss, erectile dysfunction, etc.). Relevancy here gives you a higher click-through rate (CTR) and better conversion. Even though Facebook hasn’t released a Quality Score for advertisers yet, it’s a sound online marketing principle that relevancy leads to better results.
  • Send traffic to your Facebook fan page. Do not send it to your website, as the CTR and conversion rates will be lower. But don’t take my word for it, test to find out that if it’s true (you’ll thank me later). And you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page, you can make one easily.
  • Send traffic to a custom tab on your Facebook page. Don’t send traffic to your Wall, as you have no control over what the last 10 comments might have been and users are unlikely to take a conversion action from your Wall.
  • Try the homepage engagement ads. If you are a large brand, you can afford the $25k or so to test ads on the homepage, which are available only via the sales team. You cannot get this via self-serve. Though the cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) are as high as $10, you may get a multiple on your CTR. And you can do things like show video, conduct polls, or even have forms pre-filled.
  • Use beautiful or very ugly people in your ads. But whatever you do, make sure the faces are clearly visible. Your goal is to attract attention, and showing faces on Facebook only makes sense.

If you’re not able to achieve success with these tips, either you’re not being creative enough with your ads, your product is so specialized that it can’t be reached on any medium, or your product just stinks. But any of these three is highly unlikely; you’re probably just not testing enough or missing one of these points. Make sure you’re getting at least 200 clicks or 20 conversions (whichever is more) per round of testing before you make any determination.

About the author: Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzLocal, a firm that specializes in local and Facebook advertising campaigns.

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  1. This is a great post thankyou. I never thought about splitting ads by gender, but it does make sense.

  2. There are essentially two things that make for a successful Facebook advertising campaign. The first is the acceptance of your ads and the second is the high performance of your ads. The vast majority of ads submitted to Facebook are rejected.

  3. You are completely right about the importance of harmonizing ad box message and landing page. Consistent messages create relevant expectations in customer’s mind while inconsistency can push back undecided buyer. This is one of the basics IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) principles. Consistent messages improve conversion rates big time.

  4. In Facebook advertising there are some words you can use that will make you money. And other words that will lose you money. If you use the correct words, Facebook ads can be very powerful.

  5. Absolutely right.

    Love the point about sending users to your fan page. It all comes back to experience design when people are cruising the web. They don’t want to be redirected to Facebook – They’re on Facebook for a reason so keep them there. If they don’t go on your page and creep around for the next 15minutes maybe they will in a few weeks when you show up in their news feed. Its not an event, its a process..

  6. Wow, 24 comments on this post– I am honored, even if some of them are people trying to get links in via spam posts.

    With Facebook’s recent move to “like” instead of “fan”, it becomes harder to tell if you’re actually going to leave Facebook or be sent to a fan page. Facebook should find a way to designate that, since it was there before and helped with CTR, as users knew if they would be yanked out or not.

  7. Hey Dennis

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    And I think a few peeps are maybe trying too hard to get a link in the top commentators widget… I’ve warned a few to ‘stay relevant’. fun and games

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