July 17, 2018

Add comment “SOLD” to purchase! – (Real) People Powered F-Commerce

Work From Home Mums are showing us what social shopping on Facebook is all about.


My wife makes stuff. hair clips, t-shirts, quilts, soft toys, etc. She also loves shopping online, and spends hours and hours lots of time on Facebook.

But a funny thing happened the other day, we were sitting in the lounge room (she was on Facebook) and she suddenly cursed the air and said…

If I’d logged in [to Facebook] 5 mins ago I wouldn’t have missed that sale! Now all the fabric I want is gone.

My ears pricked up. I’ve been keeping an eye on the F-commerce, Facebook Commerce, Facebook shopping cart (etc.) developments over that last 12 months, not for any reason other than I think it’s potentially going to be huge!

The sad truth however is that I’d not seen a lot to really get me excited.  Sure there are ecommerce apps that you can add to your Fan pages (Payvment is awesome) and this is a huge step forward in terms of enabling purchases, but the whole shopping cart experience still feels destinctly ‘anti-social’. Do you know what I mean? A shopping cart is not inherently social (although you can ‘share’ purchases’), they’re transactional! Don’t get me wrong though I still think the e-commerce shopping cart apps on Facebook are great,  they just don’t excite me as much as I thought an integrated social ecommerce application would…

Anyway, back to my wife on the couch.

The Facebook page she had just opened was Bubbamia Fabrics (web site here too).  They sell fabrics for crafty types. Anyhow my wife was after some groovy fabrics for a toilet roll holder she was making (not really) and if she had logged in 5 minutes earlier she would have got the ‘Start Shopping’ post that signalled the start of the Bubbamia Sale Night! Confused? read below:


So what Bubbamia are doing here is sort of a flash sale / private sale / group buy all in one. Her fans (all 4,902 – respect!) love fabric, and they’re passionate enough to connect with her on Facebook for the chance to purchase. Bubbamia then upload a gallery of pictures (the products) and the sale is on. As soon as the sale is announced all the fans rush in to the album as fast as possible and type “SOLD” in the comments of the product they want. It’s unreal. It’s social Shopping!

bubbamia fabrics3

What’s even more amazing is that there are game mechanics here too, it’s the competitive nature of being first, of getting your comment in before someone else when you know there’s minimal stock. genius.

And it’s viral by default! You comment, your friends see you comment.  You (win) and  buy the item, your friends see the item you purchased.


Payments are then worked out via email.  everyone’s happy,

And the best thing about this genius idea, is that it’s organic. It feels right, like a natural extension of a fan page on Facebook rather than an app that’s been bolted on.

So I dug in a little deeper, and a whole new world opened up to me, there are heaps of these ‘pages’ on FB and they all help each other out. It’s like an F-Commerce Fan Page Network. And while not all I found run the ‘Sale events’ as described above (many still transact via their web site) they are all driving massive engagement within their niche markets, and making sales.

Here are a few more I found:

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  1. hey guys, love this blog, found the link via bubbamia’s page.

    we to have a fb fanpage and sell only via the “comemnt sold” aspect. we love the idea and its much much easier than any other way we haev tried.

    come check it out at http://www.facebook.com/lildilberry


  2. Hey Shez, Thanks, I’ll add you’re page to the list above 😉 Good luck.

  3. Great post!!
    Ill be reading more of your blog <3
    We also have a facebook page that sells via the page and "comment sold" system <3

    Love for you to stop by <3

  4. Thanks Leigh, that would be awesome

  5. I love buying on FB… if you haven’t seen this page check it out…. dedicated to $1 Auctions and Buy it now Sales and follow the same ‘comment to purchase’ concept.


  6. That. Is. Awesome. 🙂 Thanks Nat.

  7. Hi Kim, thanks for the comment, and sorry for the late reply – you ended up in my spam folder!
    Your Facebook page looks great btw. (http://www.facebook.com/littlesnugglemonkey) 🙂

  8. Hey shez, I forgot to ask – what other platforms have you tried to sell via on Facebook?

  9. Steven Whitehead says:

    Me and my business partner are currently looking for a way to sell our products through facebook and have come accross such systems as Payvment, StoreYa and a few others. I have also been watching videos on you tube about various systems and functionality about how to sell products. I searched f-commerce on you tube and found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FQM15NfyYU has anyone seen this used on a page and would anyone recommend any preferred solutions?

    Thanks in advance

  10. It’s such a pleasure / surprise to come across this article because a company we are building Soldsie (www.soldsie.com) allows retailers to take advantage of this exact opportunity!


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