May 26, 2016

Q & A: Facebook Advertising Tips

What is an average click through rate for a Facebook ad?

I asked this question of someone once… Oh how naïve I was!
No offence intended if you just asked this same question by the way.

It happens.

Did you know that, to date, the best average CTR I’ve been able to get for a Facebook ad has been on 0.115%  that is 1,150 clicks from 1,000,000 impressions.
True story!
And you know what? That’s actually not a bad result for Facebook ads. Scary huh?!
I’ve run other campaigns with 100 million plus impressions, and a CTR of only 0.042%  (420 clicks from 1 million impressions) and that campaign wasn’t actually too bad either…

My point? Every ad campaign run on Facebook will vary depending on the targeting chosen. Demographic, country, interests, etc.
Furthermore, the success of each ad will depend on how well the ad image and message resonate with the target audience…
So many variables to factor in to your testing, and so many reasons why there simple in not a good answer to ‘what is an average CTR on Facebook’!
Only real answer is – It depends!

I’m a bit of a fan of the Q and A format at the moment so here are some more answers to general Facebook advertising related questions.  :)

Facebook Landing Page strategy.

Question: Do I send users off-site or to a Facebook page?

Answer: Advertisers have more success when they keep the user within Facebook, I definitely recommend driving clicks to a Facebook Page.  However, if direct sales / revenue  is a primary focus then I would run multiple ads…some driving offsite and others to a Facebook Page.

Facebook Bidding Strategy.

Question: Should I bid CPC or CPM?

Answer: CPC.
(unless you’re a big brand doing a let’s piss money up against the Facebook wall branding campaign).
Question: Facebook’s Bid Range recommendations. Do I need to use the suggested bid?
Answer: I’ve found most success by bidding at the higher end of the suggested range.  Can be scary as often the range is significantly higher than what you’re willing to pay, but you will get impressions, and your actual CPC will end up being much lower than the bid amount if CTR is OK.

That is all.

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