May 22, 2018 – An Australian News site that doesn’t suck

(Disclaimer: I work for the company behind The Wall)

Last week, a new Australian news site, The Wall, launched into public beta… Why is this exciting I hear you ask? Well, The Wall, simply put, is a very different (and refreshing) take on the traditional news based web sites.


The Wall describes itself as:


…a new kind of social news site that provides a unique view of the stories that are being shared, discussed and debated in Australia. The site covers the latest breaking news and will often pick up stories ahead of the news cycle. Each topic will feature links to the best articles, pictures, videos and commentary.

And then goers further to explain that:

The Wall extends far beyond a traditional news website, highlighting conversations Australians are having around sports and music events, TV shows and conferences as they are happening.

In simple terms, The Wall is exciting because the news it publishes is the news that we, collectively, are already sharing and discussing online. It’s the news that social circles are finding most interesting right at that particular moment.


So any point in time,  you, the avid news reader, can ensure your finger is on the collective internet pulse of Australian news by monitoring The Wall.
Give it a try!

Open in your browser right now, and leave it open!

Come back and check it out throughout the day, share stories with friends on Facebook or Twitter and check back often. You wont be disappointed!